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Working mom or stay at home mom, hip, trendy or sexy mom, you are particularly a Proud MaMa! You are proud of your children and of course proud of yourself. With the jewels of Proud MaMa you can show that you are. The collection consists of: bola,s [babybell] pregnancy necklaces, bracelets/bangles, MAM collection and wish/storage boxes.

Bola [babybell] Féline


Bola [babybell] Fine Gemstone


Bracelet bola Bella


Proud MaMa Bola,s [babybell]

The bola [babybell] is a form of decoration that comes from hundreds of years of Maya history. Carried by expectant mothers during pregnancy, resting against the abdomen, so that during any movement the unborn child hears a soft ringing sound [from about 16-20 weeks]. It would invoke guardian angel to watch over the unborn child and bring good luck. Once born, this is said to remember the child to the safety of the uterus.