General maintenance:

Proud MaMa only uses quality materials like crystals metal and glass beads. Contact with soap, perfume, chemical pr acids will negatively influence the luster and materials used in our jewellery. Always apply perfume and cosmetics first, before putting on Proud MaMa jewellery to avoid direct contact with these chemicals. All used parts are nickel and lead free, but under the influence of skin acid and fat,metal parts can oxidize to a green or brown colour. Unfortunately, this can not be prevented. When not wearing your Proud MaMa jewellery, store it in the pouch or box to keep them safe and last a lifetime.

Discolor of the jewellery

All the jewelry from Proud MaMa are categorized as “Bijoux”. Bijoux is a collective name for jewelry made from base metals and materials such as brass, bronze, copper and other similar metals. All Proud MaMa jewelry are silver plated. This means that it can discolor by light, heat and oxygen. Please keep in mind that the jewelry will discolor in a manner of time. Also skin acids/fats may also change the color of the jewelry.


The metal parts we used are nickel and lead free. And comply with European REACH guidelines.

Bola / Babybell

Wearing a bola, the official name of the babybell, is an old Mexican tradition. According to tradition, the bell would bring happiness, health and prosperity to the mother and the unborn child and protect them from danger and disease. The magical and genlte sound would in any case contribute to a relaxed pregnancy and a successful delivery.

When can the baby hear the bola / babybell

Ad about twenty weeks, the unborn baby will be able to hear the rinkling of the bell [softly].

Is the bola / babybell safe

The Babybell is 100% safe for the unborn baby.

Exchange / returns

This is only possible in the store where Proud MaMa jewelry is purchased. Ask the store for more info, this also applies for webshops. [only possible with purchase receipt]


In order to claim this guarantee, you must present the proof of purchase to the seller [store where the jewelery was purchased] together with the jewelry. The seller will then take the necessary measures to further arrange this for you.

This requires the following conditions: the complaint is grounded if it is not caused by:
* damage by intent or negligence;
* improper use or negligent maintenance;
* normal wear and / or damage due to non – compliance or failure to observe the
* The product has not been repaired by third parties

Guarantee is valid for 6 months and only valid with purchase receipt


Proud MaMa is not a toy, pay attention with small children [ Proud MaMa has small parts and can suffer suffocation].


You can send us an e-mail at [or fill in the contact form] We will response as soon as possible.