Stylish and symbolic

The Proud MaMa® jewelry line consists of stylish necklaces designed with a symbolic meaning. Proud MaMa® is timeless and has a luxurious, trendy look. All our jewelry come with a symbolic Proud MaMa® logo.

The collection

The Proud MaMa® collection has a large variation of bola,s / babybells in different styles and colors. [Music bell during your pregnancy] The regular Proud MaMa® collection currently exists of: Bola Pregnancy necklaces, Bracelets and the Steel collection. [The entire collection is very suitable to give as a gifts]

About the designer

Rowena Visser-van Nistelrooij has years of experience as a jewelry designer. When she became a mother’s she developed the jewelery and accessory line Proud MaMa®. With its design for proud mothers and pregnant women Visser serves many customers in Europe.


Proud MaMa® works exclusively with manufacturers that are CSR certified, CSR stands for corporate social responsibility. We select our manufacturers based on 18+ employees, test suppliers through various checklists / certification and so take our responsibility with regard to corporate social responsibility.

Trade mark

Proud MaMa® is officially registered in the EUIPO trademark register. The brand Proud MaMa® is valid in all countries of the European Union. The registration of Proud MaMa® is published in the EU trade bulletin.